Land of Fire

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Hekla & Valhalla

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Iceland is the Land of Fire – where the viking sagas meet the awesome power of its volcanoes. We love these two smoky, magical scents. Evoking the spirit of the Vikings, the intensity of the Norse Gods and the powerful natural force that is Hekla – one of Iceland’s many active volcanoes.

Explore our Iceland-inspired scents with our duo gift set, containing 2 x large candles (180ml). Each set features our most popular scents and comes wrapped in a kraft recycled card gift box – perfect as a gift or to keep for yourself and sample the fragrances.

Each candle has an approximate burn time of 30 hours (60 hours approx. per set).

The Land of Fire duo gift set features the following two candles:


Volcanic Lava

Oak, Tobacco & Sandalwood

Iceland is the Land of Fire and Ice – where glaciers meet volcanoes. Hekla is the name of one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes and was known as the “Gateway to Hell”. This woody, smoky scent evokes images of lava, ash and active volcanoes. This candle is perfect for cosy autumn and winter evenings by the fire.


Viking Spirit

Whisky, orange, black pepper

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the great hall presided over by the god Odin where heroes killed in battle would go to enjoy the afterlife. This smoky, magical scent evokes the spirit of the Vikings and the intensity of the Norse Gods. This candle is perfect for those with a spirit of adventure and a zest for life. Complex whisky scent mixed with spicy black pepper and a hint of orange for a citrus touch.

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